Miller Welding & Fabrication Knoxville, has the knowledge and expertise to help you with all of your sandblasting Maryville needs including architectural sandblasting Knoxville projects.

Sandblasting Maryville is required when the appearance of a finished surface needs a new look, or when a surface needs to be restored to its original look. Sandblasting Knoxville can be used to expose the aggregate in cases such as:

  • Removing layers of paint from brick, and restoring brick back to its original state, or Antique finish is required (partial removal of paint)
  • Pebble driveway/walkway has become dirty beyond recognition
  • Rocks used in structure design needs surface cleaning
  • Graffiti removal

Maryville sandblasting can be used on a range of metal projects in homes as well, commercial and industrial sites. The uses include, but are not limited to, cleaning old surface coatings, stripping paint from beams, swimming pools, warehouse buildings, concrete driveways, parking decks, automobiles, silos, industrial blowers, and industrial machinery are just some of the projects Airco Sandblasting Maryville has completed with overwhelming results.