Angle Iron Rolling

Miller Welding & Fabrication Serving the Knoxville and Maryville markets provides custom steel rolling services for both large and small projects. We are able to roll virtually any steel or alloy mix and perform plate, structural, tubing, and pipe rolling.

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Miller Welding & Fabrication provides specialized metal rolling and steel angle bending services. We operate four sheet steel rolling machines with a maximum capacity to roll 10 ft. 3/8 in. mild steel or a 1/4 in. plate of abrasion resistant steel.

In addition, we offer five angle and flat-bar rolling machines capable of rolling various sizes of angle iron:

3" x 3" x 3/8" leg-out

2" x 2" x 1/4" leg-in

3" x 3/8" flat-bar


Roll 3/16” and ¼”, 3/8”, ½”

8 ft. x 18” diameter, 8 ft. x 24”, 8 ft. x 36”, 4 ft. x 48” diameter.


1/8” to 18 GA. Roll 60” x 10 – 12” diameter.

Miller Welding & Fabrication line of standard rolled angle rings or flanges from 3 inch to 48 inch diameter, and larger. As a leader in angle bending. we can bend angles in 9 orientations: leg in, leg out, short leg in, short leg out, long leg in, long leg out, heel in, heel out and heel up. Leg-out rolled angle rings resemble an old-time straw hat (without the top) where the leg out would be the brim. Heel-in rolled angle rings look like (and can function as) a pulley. The most difficult orientation in angle bending is leg in. When not done correctly, there will be distortion in the horizontal leg (the leg in) that looks like an off-set. With the proper methods and tooling, this distortion will be avoided. Lastly, rolled angle rings can be bent off-axis, with multiple radii, helically, or into compound bends.

Angle Bending Applications

Angles are bent into rings to create flanges, fan housings, tank supports, ladle lips, etc. In structural applications angles are often used back-to-back to support roofs. Angle steel segments are used in steering mechanisms for farm equipment.

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