Water Jet Cutting

All About Waterjet Cutting

Why Miller Welding & Fabrication in Knoxville and Maryville, Tennessee uses waterjet technology over other methods?

The waterjet process “can” be the most economical and accurate process.

With no heat affected zones like other methods.Andno stress’s placed on parts due to fixturing. Also The Quality of edge finish is excellent—no burrs or edges to grind with No special tooling or fixtures required—which saves time & money.CAD/CAM/CNC controller are the latest up to date technologys our Knoxville Waterjet Cutting provides.Machine set up is quick with Virtually no waste.parts can be nested together or use common line edge cuts.With Tolerances of ± .003? to .005? can be held. Our Environmentally friendly, no smoke, dust or hazardous materials are used.BUT if you are looking for consistent cuts that are exact and the cutting has been performed in a controlled factory setting Miller Welding & Fabrication Waterjet Works will provide that level of accuracy at a set price!